Felix (now Hudson)

We have learned that Hudson has 2 modes-silly and calm and cray cray. It is becoming easier to manage his elevated energy as we learn more about him. He knows several basic commands including sit, easy, off, leave it and drop it. Unfortunately some where along the line he was taught beg and for a dog as ‘handsy’ as him it is too much-we are working on extinguishing this behavior.

Hudson had his 1st session with Laura Donaldson- 4 Paws 4 Directions yesterday. We are working on recall as well as getting him to make eye contact and disengage etc. I really liked working with her and her philosophy of training. I think with Hudson’s stubborn nature we need a partnership not on where he behaves so he does not get a negative stimuli. So far so good-he is incredibly smart and I have laughed more in the last week then I have in years.

Some issues with chasing the cats-if they run-if not he ignores them. Working on this is top priority. We have figured out he walks much better after he has eaten-less foraging and lease pulling. Hudson is loving the pond and put his whole mouth in – he seems to be searching for food-but that energy is switching to one of play and exploration. He pushed past Bob last week and had a 15 minute romp before Bob tackled him again. For some reason this seems to have strengthened their connection.

He and Comet have had a couple of snarly moments but they are finding a rhythm together. Comet has been more engaged with us and exercise more to be a part of the action. I hope he continues to do so. He had his appt tomorrow at the vet. I registered his micro chip and will do his dog license this week. He is eating well and I got him a ‘slow the hell down’ bowl so his meal lasts for more than 45 seconds! Hudson is home and loved. I will keep you posted on his progress.”