We wanted to give you guys an update about Gus! He is adjusting well to our home. He has quickly adapted to our schedule that we’ve developed for him. We’ve been working on his training and walking on leash, and he’s been an extremely fast learner! He already knows sit, down, wait, and heel…we’re working on paw. He loves getting outside with us and enjoys long walks around the neighborhood every evening. Our most recent adventure with him was a lengthy hike along the Appalachian trail. He especially enjoyed a small creek we stopped at for a rest; he definitely loves water! Gus is his usual loving self with everyone that he has met so far. His bright and cheery demeanor hasn’t diminished at all, and he constantly adds love and humor to our home. We feel so lucky to have Gus as a beautiful addition to our home, and to be able to give him stability and love every day. We’re so grateful to everyone at There’s Hope Dog Rescue for connecting us with this amazing pup!

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