From drug house and fearful of everything and everyone… to living like a Princess with a family who saw past her fears and gave her Hope. This is Izzy and she is HOME!! This is her Mom’s Story: After finding Bingo through the same rescue and realizing we needed one more pup to make our family complete, we found Izzy! We are SO thankful for her! She is an amazing dog who has come so far after a difficult beginning. After having her a few weeks and talking with Diana about cradling her in order to gain trust, she has made a huge leap!! She now loves snuggling my husband, our 4 kids, and me!!!! She also enjoys rough housing with Bingo, going on long hikes (she can do more miles than almost any of us!!), and she was even seen licking one of the cats last week! She is a different dog today than she was when she first entered our home. Izzy has taught us in a hands- on way how love truly can conquer all!

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