Jaxson has been doing very well! He has been settling amazingly well, and hasn’t had any accidents so far! He is such a happy and sweet boy! He loves going for walks around the neighborhood and is doing well working on all his leash manners. He loves everybody he meets on his walks, dog and human. He even made a friend already that has an awesome backyard to play in while we wait for the fence people to finish our fence! He went to the vets did a good job there (just a little wiggly haha) and everybody loved him. He’s been working on trying to make the cat, Matisse, his best buddy. Matisse is still a little unsure about this but seems to be coming around. We’re so happy that Jaxson was able to come home with us!

One Month Update!

Jaxson continues to do fantastic! He has been such a good boy, and has started doggy school! He’s a smart boy and has been catching on to his training quickly! He has been going on tons of walks and hikes, and has been making lots of friends. Jaxson has also proven to be a fantastic running partner and loves going for morning runs with me. Each day Matisse (the cat) gets more comfortable with Jaxson and they both sleep in bed with us every night (I think a bigger bed is in our future haha). Jaxson does well with the cat and will lay down when he sees him since he has realized that’s the best way to get Matisse to come over to him haha! He makes us smile daily and sometimes makes us laugh until the point we’re in tears. We are so happy that we are able to have Jaxson as a part of our family! -Allison

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