Kendra (now Eva Marie)

Kendra, now Eva Marie, is home! “The first few days she was miserable in her crate, but once I tried adding warm bedding, she was happy…no chewing or shredding!  She goes in there freely now to sit when the door is left open. This weekend we went on a couple of long walks on the nearby trails, and she has picked up “heel”, walking with the leash loose and not pulling.  In a big open field on the trail she is able to run off-leash.  She seems to love being able to run freely, and will race back to me when I call her name and “come”.  She fetched a ball in the snow with me yesterday, and returned it to me each time I asked. I am in the process of looking for a trainer, since she seems so quick to pick up on learning new things. She also seems intrigued by my pottery work, and will sit next to me for hours watching me closely wedging clay or spinning on the potters wheel.”

“This morning I took her to her first day of doggie day care to let some energy out and work off the peanut butter and treats.  We had previously visited the day care on Saturday, and today she recognized where she was going.  When I dropped her off, she didn’t even look back at me, she was so excited to be there.  They gave me a mid-day update, and it seems she has made a number of new dog friends and also knew how to use the dog door without instruction. Hopefully she will want to get in the car when it is time to go home!”

“We are continuing clicker training, and she now knows her name, to touch my hand, to wait, to heel, and to turn around and sit next to me.  She will also come back to me from afar when given a hand motion.  We also tried targeting, where she will walk to a target (I use a watering can) and touch it with her nose.  Last night she finally figured out that I wanted her to do this, and once she started, she didn’t want to stop.”