Leo is home! “Complete faith in this 68lb moose! Every command spot on-small children, cats, dogs, new people all at the vets office-and he does everything I tell him to perfectly!!! I just can say enough about this amazing guy!!!”

“We were at the dog park again today-He made two new puppy friends (about 9months old) and a shepherd friend who was 9years old.  It looked like they were playing cops and robbers.  The two puppies would crouch down in a “I’m hiding stance” and Leo would run through and the three other dogs would chase him, at that point he’d run over to me like he was hiding or looking for me to protect him.  It was adorable. Of course by the time I got the cameral they began mud wrestling.  I wish I had video-all us humans were laughing so hard watching them and of course adding commentary.”