Here’s an update on Nugget’s first night in his new home! He’s been such a good boy and loves to be around us. He’s even making a new kitty friend. When we got home last night we had lots of play time. Out of the toys we got him, he loved the 90 cent tennis ball the best! He really liked fetching it and bringing it back to me so we did a lot of that. He seemed anxious so I held him close and started petting him and he almost immediately passed out! It was so adorable.We put him in his crate at night and he didn’t have any accidents over night. He only whined for about 15 minutes after putting him in there and that was about it. This morning I took him for a long walk on SUNY Oswego’s campus right on Lake Ontario and he had a blast. For being a puppy his leash manners were very good. When we got home this morning from our walk he was all tired out. He was really thirsty after the walk and drank lots of water. We went into the sun room to enjoy this beautiful weather and fell asleep in my lap. He really loves to snuggle! After I had to get up he continued to relax in the sun room, enjoying his new home! My wife and I are so happy that we can give Nugget a good home. We’re going to be working with him closely on house training over the next few weeks. I’m also working with him on basic commands. He’s such a smart boy he already knows how to sit!