Onyx (now Mesa)

“Mesa is doing great so far. Eating well. Took her meds well last night. Sleeping thru the night in her crate with me sleeping in the living room with her. She hasn’t had any accidents and has been a pro with the crate. We’ve gone on a several hour-long hikes already along with ball games behind my home and exploring her new neighborhood. She has been tail wagging when we play ball or she gets a stuffed Kong to work on in her crate while I shower. She has been very nice and gentle to the neighbor’s dogs and cats that she has met coming and going thru the front door and on trails.

The close up picture is of Mesa after romping around monkey run for 90 minutes. If she looks muddy it’s because she was jumping in every puddle she could find in the field. She’s made friends at Ithaca Grain and Pet as she is a regular customer. The GSD chewing behavior is impressive in how fast she can go through toys so I’ve just had to adjust my stockpile to keep her always supplied. She got some experience learning about being out in public spaces with strange people that are friendly so she doesn’t have to be nervous when I took her to Cornell’s campus with me today. I was checking out a book on separation anxiety in dogs – the primary trouble area she and I are still working on together. She sat with a dog-owning friend while I ran in to grab the book and we walked across campus during the lunch rush hour traffic, perking up as she gained confidence.

We are making more and more use of the 50ft leash so she can chase balls at full speed. She really needs to RUN to get fully tired out. The second picture of her is when she was taking a break to soak in a cool marshy puddle formed in the field at Monkey Run. She will go in ANY water she finds. I gave her her first bath today as Linda said she would be in need of one shortly and Mesa’s wet dog smell was building. She did very well staying in the tub during the scrub down. She is signed up for the beginner obedience classes through Ithaca dog training club Sept-Oct and the Cornell Companions just sent out their info on Oct training schedule and she is all scheduled for that. So she and I will be busy learning all kinds of skills together to keep both of our bodies and minds busy.