Everything is going well with Porkchop! He is getting in the swing of the morning routine on workdays, and loves sleeping in the bed with us! BUT man can he snore!! He has been doing really well with the invisible fence and really loves being able to run around the yard, then laying under a tree with any sticks he may find. We are working on coming when we call him, and keeping up on all the other commands he knows. Our vet came to give him a check and declared him healthy and happy, and most importantly, a great choice for us, she really liked him (who wouldn’t?). He also experienced his first lawn mowing (should of taken a video, sorry!) and followed the tractor the whole time, needless to say he slept really good that night. Also gave him a few green beans to play with while I was in the garden, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with them besides throw them around. He truly is a great dog and want to thank you both for your part in making him the dog we love.

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