Prince (now Paxton)

Paxton is a great dog, just wants to be loved and have fun. He is so intelligent and picked up on the doggie door right away.  He was hesitant to go out it without me at first, but has adapted to it quickly.  The crate is still there, but he never goes in it now.  We walk every day and he loves to play in the back yard with his favorite “chuck it” toy, he is like a gazelle, so fast and fluid.  With the help of a “gentle leader” he has become a very good walker on his leash, walks right beside me, with no pulling (unless he sees a squirrel or other small critter).  He is also just as content to lay on the couch with me and cuddle up.  His new favorite sleeping spot is right next to me in my bed.  Paxton has helped bring joy and happiness back into my home.  He makes me laugh every day and is great company.  I’m so happy that this little guy came into my life. Thank you for putting us together, it’s a perfect fit.


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