Romeo and Juliet


“Ro and Jules are settling in well. Romeo is head over heels in love with Adeline (his 16 month old human sister), Juliet loves that she drops food at every meal! They are fast learners and becoming more polite on leash every day as well as learning other basic commands (sit, stay, touch, look, stop, come…it’s a work in progress 😉). They both also get along beautifully with our little black cat, Maddox.

Ro has recently started showing some anxiety around new people, we are working with a behaviorist who is wonderful and adores him. He is responsive to her and her team and eager to please. They anticipate good and fast results!

We all love to walk the greenway in town every day. It’s good exercise and a great opportunity to see new people and dogs without having to “meet” everyone. The 2 of them have turned our basement into WWF for pups and have a BLAST running, jumping, and wrestling around. They are perfect additions to our family!”