From Sadie’s Family:

Sadie is doing great. She had turned into quite the cuddle puppy. She loves playing fetch outside with our other dog Rocky and knows sit, lay down, shake, come here, and we are working on stay with her. She realty loves or daughter and occasionally tried to herd her around the yard but we have stopped that. She is still nervous around new people and will sniff them when they come in the house but then runs off and hides next to me on the couch. She shows no signs of aggression at all and is not the biggest fan of everyone but she is getting a ton better. She has come out of her shell with us and loves all of the members of our family to pieces. She always wants to chase the cat or play fetch and has managed a couple of escape attempts into our neighbors yard but comes right back when called. They don’t minds as their yard is also fenced in bit we have put blocks in the way so she can’t do it anymore. She is such a blessing for us and is a real sweetheart. She loves kisses and snuggling up with us at night. I have attached some pictures for you. We will continue to keep you updated. One of the pictures is of her napping right now next to me.



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