Savannah is a busy growing puppy. She is not so little anymore, as she has put on another 5 or so pounds since we got her.  She has outgrown her little pink harness that was given to us. She now sports a larger pretty purple harness.

She has long spindly legs that she often trips over and she has funny floppy ears. When she looks intently at something, her right ear sticks up straight and flops over at the top while her left ear droops down. Kinda like Mr. Spock from the original star trek series who could raise one eye brow. We call it her “Mr. Spock look.” She has more toys than our kids had growing up. Her favorite is an empty cool whip container, which she likes to try to trap upside down in her kiddy pool.

She loves our camp up in the Adirondacks, where we allow her to go unleashed around our camp. She naturally stays with us, but we do keep very close watch on her at all times, just in case. She likes to play in the lake water, but only in the shallows where there is firm ground under her feet.  She dove off the dock just once and did not like it, and swam quickly to shore.  She has made many dog friends. In our neighborhood alone, she knows an old golden retriever (her boyfriend), a poodle, a large Pitbull and a small white poodle.   Though most of the dogs we interact with are older, she has the habit of turning them into playful puppies again.   She has especially taken to a family member’s poodle, Hazel.

Savannah loves to run and do tricks. Emma, our daughter, has taught her to jump through a hoop and to jump over a small dog jump we have made.  She is learning many commands like, come, sit, down, and soon, roll over. She learns quickly. We will be starting dog training and possibly agility lessons.

Savannah gets along with our two cats, or should we say our cats now get along with her.  She keeps her distance from them, but likes to follow them. If she gets to close, all they have to do is hiss and she understands that unlike dogs, cats do not like to play rough.

Savannah has brought much love to our family. She greats us with great enthusiasm when we walk in the door. She exercises us with walks, and loves to play fetch with balls, sticks or anything you can throw. She is a precious gift and we thank you for taking care of her during her early weeks of life and giving us the chance to make her our loving new pet.

She has been given a complete clean bill of health. She really looks good and healthy.

Thanks for all you do!

Chuck and Jeanne

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