From His Momma:

We are doing really great! He seems to be adjusting really quickly. The first night at bedtime he whined for about 3mins in his crate. But the next night not a peep and he’s been great since. He’s such a good boy! He’s great on the leash. He’s getting 2- 50min/hour walks in a day. And he runs around the yard and plays fetch. He’s amazing! The other evening he played fetch in the dark! He found it every time! So much energy! 🙂 he’s so much fun! He’s also a snuggle bug <3 Soooooo sweet!!! He’s napping in my lap as I write this 🙂 he seems comfortable with us and his new home. I think he REALLY enjoys all the carpeting and comfy couches. He seems genuinely happy. He is making more eye contact with us and he seems more connected.

Aside from his wild moments, I feel like I’ve hit the adoption jackpot 🙂 its been great. Tiring!! Lol!! But great 🙂 thank you so much Diana for picking me for him 🙂



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